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Mimosa Pudica

Among the people is a bush plant known as a domesticated grass or flower. Bean is. Coniferous grass is always a green plant in tropical climates. It originated in Brazil and is grown in humid and warm climates. He likes warmth and is sensitive to direct sunlight. Pink - purple, silky and fragran..

Gala Flower and Care

Gala, Zantedeschia: It is fabulous but with a single flower and a spectacular appearance inside and outside.Gala, cultivation, care and watering of Zantedeschia plant:* This plant, which does not require direct sunlight, can also benefit from indirect light.* Leaving too much cold and hot air is ha..

Basil Flower

When it is used consciously like basil, other plants, which are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of plants in the country, there are many health problems. It is believed to spread from South Asia to the world. Turkey ?? 's many regions, although growth in most regions of interest, the..

Sleeping Flower :)

Gülce 15/04/2018 15574 0 comment

The other name of sleeping flower is ornament. Tell the family. It is a flower that naturally grows in every region and every climate except polarity. It is known to be 800 species. When it is called alfalfa, four-leaf alfalfa comes to mind. A type of sleeping flower is similar to a four-leaf vein, ..

Begonia Flower and Care

Gülce 09/04/2018 718 0 comment

When Begons are concerned, the first thing to pay attention to is where you will put your flower. The location is important for Begonia. You must know where you should put your flower because it is a kind of flower that loves the coolness of what it is like to love. You may lose the result of wrong ..

Insect eater plant :) Venus

Gülce 03/04/2018 3165 0 comment

Insect eating plant :) Fly trapThe most popular among carnivorous plants is the fly. What kind of plant is a fly trap? Why feed on insects?   The fly trap or "venus fly trap" is the most common carnivorous plant species. The fly trap that grows in swamp areas in the southeast of the US is a p..

Dracaena Marginata

Gülce Flowers 26/03/2018 780 0 comment

It is easy to maintain, it can grow even in the absence of thirst and daylight. This flower is frequently preferred for decoration in office, workplace, home environment. The leaves of this plant are generally green with red stripes. But in an environment of strong light, the leaves become burgundy ..

Spatifily Flower

Gülce 24/03/2018 2493 1 comment

Peace Flower (Spatifilyum), Sail Flower Growing and PointOne of the most suitable flowering plants to grow in homes and offices, spati is famous for its beautiful white flowers. Spathiphyllum, which we know as respected peacock flowers or sail flowers, adds bright and vivid leaves, elegant white flo..

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